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It comes down to Collaboration.

The work we love most starts with a conversation. It often doesn’t fit into any one box. Unique techniques for each project. Not a right way but a question -

How can we best help tell this story?



Emerging platforms are leading a visual revolution.

Working at this moment in time is extremely exciting. Diverse skills and flexibility are crucial. We’re all about tailoring the solution to your needs. And like you, we want to collaborate with visionaries.


MARTIN HENDRIKS | Business Manager | Producer

Martin brings technical know-how to the table. He’s a logistics guru who pays attention to the details; whether it’s a high-end commercial, multi-camera events for corporate and broadcast applications, or complex digital solutions – Martin has done it all. His rolodex of technical, camera and sound resources means he can pull everything together for your project.


JASON WESSEL | Director of Photography | Producer

Jason has been producing original content for nearly 20 years. His first film premiered in 2003 on TSN to an audience of 100,000 viewers and his latest campaign with Bell/Whitecaps FC garnered 26 million views over two seasons. As a cinematographer, Jason thrives in fast-paced production environments that require a keen cinematic eye. He is an extremely versatile DP whose decorated work fills a mixed bag of commercial, documentary and corporate settings. Emotion driving frames are Jason’s calling card. He is experienced in international travel and has shot all over the world.  

VINCE ARVIDSON | CSC Director of Photography

Enthralled by both documentary and narrative filmmaking cinematographer Vince Arvidson uses one medium to inform the other. The urgency and spontaneity of documentary enlivens dramatic storytelling while patiently crafting cinematic frames elevates documentary photography.  From the Canadian Arctic to Kurdish Iraq, from Chiapas Mexico to Acholi Uganda Vince’s eye is drawn to patterns in the complex, to stories that illuminate the human condition. No matter the project, collaboration is central to his approach. Vince’s work has shown at festivals around the world and won numerous awards including Audience Favorite and Best Cinematography. It has aired on Discovery Channel, Super Channel, Spike TV, MTV, TSN and CityTV.


CHAD GALLOWAY | Post Production | Producer

New to the Candela team, Chad’s brings years of editing and motion design expertise to the table. More than just an editor, he is also an award winning producer/director who's clients include 20th Century Fox, Brightlight Pictures, Cossette, Event Film, Say Media, A&W, CBS and the CBC, among others. Having managed projects throughout Canada, United States, Mexico and Africa; he's an editor that truly understands what it means to deliver. 



Efficient. Faster. Evolved.

ARRI, RED, Canon & Sony. Different tools for different jobs. The underlining philosophy is that we custom design our equipment and workflows to be more David than Goliath. Endlessly looking to minimize footprint and maximize outcome.

Custom carts, custom vans, custom cases. Our extensive inventory means that more often than not, we’re a one-stop-shop.



Not to toot our own horn but...



Cannes, TIFF, VIFF, HotDocs, Imaginative, Bussan, Victoria, Soho-NewYork, San Francisco, Athens, etc.



LeoAwards, HotDocs, Canadian Screen Awards, DOXA, Imaginative, Soho, Los Angeles, Granada, etc. 



Netflix, Sportsnet, TSN, Telus, Bell WhiteCaps, A&W, Scythia Films, Opus 59, United Way, Huggies, UBC, etc.



We want to help create powerful, beautiful stories.

To be proud of each and every one. We suspect you do to.
So lets get started.

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Let's grab a coffee, great minds do better with caffeine. 

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